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Tree Investment Ltd open educational facility to address climate emergency

1 May 2020

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Tree Investment Ltd open educational facility to address climate emergency


Tree Investment Ltd are a unique arboriculture consultancy business providing strategic, innovative tree planting, design and management solutions. Clients range from domestic householders to commercial landowners, community groups to national organisations, developers and architects to farmers.

The company’s ethos is that trees represent a tangible investment opportunity; with the aim of promoting the benefits of trees and the multitude of ecosystem services they deliver. Tree Investment Ltd have an ambition to educate and empower clients to make informed investment decisions on tree selection, planting and the management of existing trees.

With Tevi funding, Tree Investment Ltd aim to create an environmental centre of excellence (the hub project) that serves as an educational training and research facility and a multifaceted commercial enterprise. The centre of excellence will provide an innovative educational facility for business, conservation groups, landowners and environmentally conscious individuals, alongside training/apprenticeship programmes for those considered NEET, gap year placements and students.

GRANT AWARDED: £7,999.40
Used to purchase: Strategic business development support

Impact Summary

The funding support provided have enabled Tree Investment Ltd to buy in strategic development support as a first phase of delivering the hub project. The development plan outlines costs, benefits and gains of creating an innovative environmental management space, with an underlying aim to inspire positive actions to address the climate emergency as well as supporting diminishing wildlife populations.

“With Tevi support we were able to clarify our vision for this project and bring experts on board to help turn our idea into reality. We are now on the path to taking our business from inception to development and look forward to working with the useful contacts that we’ve made along the way”.
Steve Evans, Director

For more information please contact:

Dr Dan Bloomfield
Project Manager, Tevi

07986 511883



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