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Airport grass to gas: a clean energy revolution

11 April 2020

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Airport grass to gas: a clean energy revolution


Bennamann Ltd is an early stage start-up working on commercial production, marketing and distribution of high value biomethane energy products that are derived from anaerobic digestion of organic materials at small (farm or estate) scale.

With support from Tevi the company has been researching potential energy yields from grassed areas and developing commercial business models to support a local clean energy revolution. The aim of this work is to enable a product and service offering based on both direct and franchisee sales to end-user customers across the county and the UK.

Grant awarded: £9556

Used to purchase: A feasibility Study of potential biomethane options at Cornwall Airport Newquay

Impact summary

This project is expected to drive growth within the business by identifying a technical solution and business model for the commercial deployment of a new product and service offering. In the immediate short-term, the feasibility study will prove the business case for market entry uptake by a first customer, as well as create the template for rollout and adoption of the offer across the county and beyond.

It is anticipated that beyond the project, the output from the work will inform a follow-on proposal to Cornwall Council and CORSERV (CAL and CORMAC) for commercial deployment at the site.

“We were delighted that the Tevi Team were so supportive of this unusual and ground breaking project. We really want to make radical change and Tevi saw the potential of this study, not just for us but for the whole zero carbon sustainable energy future”.
Dr Chris Mann (CEO)


For more information please contact:

Dr Dan Bloomfield
Project Manager, Tevi
07986 511883




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