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Statistical climatology

22 November 2016

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Statistical climatology

Professor David B. Stephenson is Director of the Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) research centre, and based within the Mathematics department in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences.

Since 1989, he has published more than 100 well-cited papers and a leading book on forecast verification. He has also developed successful partnerships with industry, which has ensured that his research has been successfully translated to improve decision-making and create wealth.

His research interests involve using advanced statistical methodologies to understand the processes in weather and climate science, and improve the quality of weather and climate models so that they can be used by society.

Professor Stephenson has also established a storm risk team, which specialises in modelling European windstorms and tropical cyclones. This can help insurers and other stakeholders develop a more reliable view of storm risk, which then enables them to develop better resilience and protection for society.



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