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Professor Tamara Galloway

21 April 2021

3 minutes to read

Breaking Boundaries: Using microscopy to detect microplastics in sea life

A University of Exeter research group has helped to eliminate tonnes of plastic waste entering the sea, improving the health of organisms and the environment.

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23 September 2015

< 1 minute to read

What effects do microplastics have on the food chain?

When it comes to plastic waste in the ocean, how much is too much? Professor Tamara Galloway has been researching the effects of microplastics on marine wildlife and how ingestion of these objects by some of the smallest creatures in the ocean can have implications for the rest of the food chain. Professor Galloway,…

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10 September 2014

2 minutes to read

Working with Plymouth Marine Laboratory

Fundamental research questions in areas including marine renewables, molecular biology and environment and human health are being addressed by a partnership between the University of Exeter and Plymouth Marine Laboratory (PML) – a marine environment research provider. The University and PML have been working together for a number of years with the…

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25 June 2014

2 minutes to read

The impact of microplastics on marine life

Microplastic debris floating in the world’s oceans could be having a massive impact on marine life. Tiny bits of plastic rubbish are having an impact on lugworms, and other marine animals, which are an important source of food for other animals. Work by Stephanie Wright a postgraduate researcher from Biosciences found that…

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