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How to create Sustainable Packaging – Reduce, Reuse or Eliminate?

19 February 2019

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How to create Sustainable Packaging – Reduce, Reuse or Eliminate?

The effects of plastic and packaging on the environment are well documented in the media. Whilst this is having a positive effect on consumer behaviour, it has left many businesses in Cornwall unsure of what or how to make changes, due to information overload and lack of time.

The University of Exeter ran an event to help steer businesses in the right direction in finding appropriate solutions. As part of a dedicated ‘sustainability week’ on the University of Exeter and Falmouth University Penryn Campus, 50 businesses were invited to take part in a Sustainable Packaging Day, funded by the ERDF Future Focus Programme.

Delegates began the day with a talk from University of Exeter expert in Circular Economy, Dr Peter Hopkinson about the environmental implications of plastic packaging in Cornwall and how we can use the circular economy to reduce, reuse or eliminate our packaging waste. This led on to talks and discussions with local campaigners including Final Straw, Beach Guardian and Sail Against Plastic and representatives from Cornwall Council, recycling providers and packaging companies such as Flexihec, PackShare and Kingdom and Sparrow to help businesses build a solution.

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