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Fuelstretcher grow business with University

3 November 2017

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Fuelstretcher grow business with University

Fuelstretcher Ltd, an energy control management systems company, grew their business by linking with the University of Exeter’s Environment and Sustainability Institute (ESI).

The ESI put Fuelstretcher in touch with new corporate clients, linked them with new business partners and provided extensive mentoring, which rapidly increased the scale of the business and secured several key accounts.

New technology developed by Fuelstretcher had the capability to make any commercial boiler in the world more cost efficient. Yet initially, their product was slow to penetrate the market. However, the ESI’s Rob Misselbrook saw its potential.

He said: “The technology had a first-rate pedigree but articulating its efficacy was a major challenge.”

To solve these problems, Rob worked with Fuelstretcher founder Peter Jennings in restructuring their sales and manufacturing processes and began work to realise plans of dominating the optimum water temperature market in the EU and US.

Peter said: “The backing of the University really gave us the academic credibility we needed to stress the importance of Fuelstretcher’s research”.

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