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Diversifying traditional agriculture with Trelonk Oils

13 May 2020

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Diversifying traditional agriculture with Trelonk Oils


The project centres on the concept of producing nutrient-dense food from nutraceutical seeds within a closed-loop circular economy framework, evidencing zero-waste (through nutrient recapturing) and driving diversification of the rural economy.

In order to achieve this, the applicant applied for a Tevi grant to fund a seed-press. The seed-press currently represents the missing link between the primary production of the oilseed materials, and the retailing of end-products where most of the value-added is.

GRANT AWARDED: £6,140.80
Used to purchase: an industrial grade KK40 seed press

Impact Summary

Trelonk are managing niche, nutrient dense oil seed materials for the purpose of harvesting their essential oils, through cold pressing. These specialist oils will then be used for nutraceutical and cosmetic applications and they have been chosen according to strict environmental criteria.

In summary, Trelonk are a landowner aiming to diversify away from traditional agriculture, with a real focus on long-term sustainability through the emphasis on secondary and tertiary production within a circular economy, driving diversification and environmental growth.

“The support and expertise that Tevi have provided have been extremely useful. The association of working with the University of Exeter has proved to be important for our
Adam Parnall, Trelonk Director

For more information please contact:

Dr Dan Bloomfield
Project Manager, Tevi
07986 511883



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