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Environmental Intelligence

25 May 2020

3 minutes to read

Using Data to Reduce Flooding and Harvest Rain

Via the Impact Lab, OTA Water has had access to a range of academic expertise for a pioneering project, using clever technology that harvests rain water but only releases it when the weather forecast says so.

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10 December 2018

4 minutes to read

Working with the Met Office

Exeter is home to a number of globally renowned climate and weather scientists due to the combined intellectual expertise of the Met Office and the University of Exeter. The national weather service and the University have developed a strong partnership, collaborating on climate and weather science since 2003, when the Met Office…

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13 April 2018

5 minutes to read

The effects of plastics on the environment

This Earth Day, we hear from leading academics, PhD researchers, and research students about the worldwide problem of plastic pollution.

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22 November 2016

< 1 minute to read

Statistical climatology

Professor David B. Stephenson is Director of the Exeter Climate Systems (XCS) research centre, and based within the Mathematics department in the College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences. Since 1989, he has published more than 100 well-cited papers and a leading book on forecast verification. He has also developed successful partnerships…

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15 November 2016

< 1 minute to read

The Interconnection between the environment and human health

Researchers at the European Centre for Environment and Human Health (ECEHH) are interested in the complex connections between the environment and human health Professor Lora Fleming is Director of the European Centre for Environment and Human Health, which is part of the University of Exeter Medical School. Based at the University of Exeter’s Truro campus in…

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26 October 2016

< 1 minute to read

A new approach to sustainable fisheries

This new approach to sustainable fishing ensures fish and other seafood are being sustainably caught with minimal damage to the marine environment. University of Exeter academics and students have been working with a new community interest company to develop an alternative approach to supplying sustainable fish. Sole of Discretion works with fishers who…

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15 April 2016

< 1 minute to read

Using social media to track extreme weather events

Biosciences researchers are using data from social media to find out about the impact climate change has on people’s lives. Systems Ecology lecturer Dr Hywel Williams explains more in this video. Many people share posts and comments via social media on a daily basis, and this ever-growing bank of social information is now being…

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14 April 2016

< 1 minute to read

How plastics are entering the food chain

Vast amounts of plastic waste are thrown into the oceans every year, what would it mean if this plastic could, and was entering the food chain? Professor Tamara Galloway in the College of Life and Environmental Sciences, whose research focuses on marine pollution, has been exploring this question through her Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) funded…

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13 April 2016

< 1 minute to read

Minimising air travel disruptions during volcanic eruptions

New measurement systems for volcanic ash developed by Professor Jim Haywood prevent air space closures in the event of a volcano.

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12 April 2016

2 minutes to read

Researcher in focus: Professor John Love

Stepping into the office of John Love, Associate Professor in Plant and Industrial Biotechnology at the University of Exeter, you can’t help but notice his aquarium. “It’s a bit of beauty, a bit of philosophy and a bit of practical teaching all in one,” he said. Adding: “When students come in they’re a…

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