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31 March 2021

2 minutes to read

Breaking Boundaries: Addressing boardroom equality

Professor Ruth Sealy has led reviews into the diversity of leadership groups of large public and private organisations across the UK.

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11 February 2021

2 minutes to read

Breaking Boundaries: Analysing competition and trade in food and agriculture

Research at the University of Exeter has analysed competition and trade in food and agricultural markets and developed a framework to forecast retail food prices in the UK.

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16 October 2020

4 minutes to read

Economics and the environment

PhD student Ben Balmford looks at the economics of the environment.

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4 September 2020

5 minutes to read

Has the FTSE 100 performed as badly this century as it appears?

Apple has become the first company worth £1.7 trillion, meaning that it is now more valuable than all the companies in the FTSE 100. This is extraordinary news about one American tech company, but it also points to the fact that FTSE 100 share prices have performed poorly against rival indices around the world for several decades. (Republished from The Conversation)

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5 June 2020

3 minutes to read

Increasing gender diversity on NHS and FRC boards

The representation of women on NHS Trust boards has increased to 45 per cent following the adoption of changes to hiring practices recommended in a 2017 report from Professor Ruth Sealy.

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21 January 2020

2 minutes to read

Cultural differences affect perceptions of group sacrifice

An innovative new study, led by Edmond Awad from the University of Exeter’s Business School, looked at how people on different continents reacted to a new version of the famous ethical thought experiment, known as the “trolley dilemma”.

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10 October 2019

6 minutes to read

Digital Transformation: how corporate culture responds to the internet

Prepaid business card provider, Soldo, spoke with Prof. Mark Thompson as part of a series, speaking to today’s most influential digital disruptors. Prof. Mark Thompson is Professor in Digital Economy at Exeter Business School, and Strategy Director at the Methods Group.

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21 November 2016

4 minutes to read

Researcher in focus: Dr Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno

Dr Inmaculada Adarves-Yorno is Senior Lecturer in Leadership Studies and will be speaking at a talk marking International Women’s Day from inspirational women leaders who have ‘been there, done that’. The talk will be an informal, interactive panel sessions led by women at different stages of their studies and/or career honestly discussing how they made…

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